In addition to having tables for casual play, these online poker rooms also hold many different types of tournaments, including freeroll ones, and ones that have some fantastic prizes. For those that are looking for fast paced action, the sit n go rooms allow you to participate in a constant stream of poker goodness. There are also many poker rooms that have your participation count towards an ongoing jackpot.

Just about every online casino has an area for poker games, so why should you choose a poker room instead of an online casino? The answer to this is actually a pretty simple one. If you are a person that only plays different kinds of poker games, why would you waste your time and money in a place that doesn’t benefit you in the best ways possible? Poker rooms have bonuses and jackpots just for those serious about playing poker, or improving their poker skills. There are all different level rooms available on these sites, so you should never feel too intimidated by someone that claims to be a better player than you. You should be aware that the way to judge how successful a player is in a card room is not through their bankroll, but their playing style, particularly in a casual setting. You can always add more money to your account online, which often shows up right away as your chip stack. In a tournament, the amount in your overall bankroll is irrelevant, since everyone starts out with the same amount of money as the person that is sitting next to them.


There are many different kinds of poker games out there, and the number of online poker rooms is in the hundreds. These rooms allow you to play the most popular types of poker, like Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi/Lo and 5- and 7-Card Stud poker games. Within each of these poker types, you can also choose to play in a room that has a fixed limit, or one that is no limit. The latter of the two options may seem like the more popular and exciting option, but it can also be considered the more expensive one. People that have a strict budget for playing poker online are strongly encouraged to play in the fixed limit rooms. This way your poker stacks will last longer when you lose out even when you have a strong hand.


There are many poker rooms that players can enjoy online, offering players more than one type of game. Some of the most popular poker games include: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, Caribbean Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud Poker, Stud 8 Poker and Omaha 8 or Better.

As a result of our commitment to provide poker players with everything that they need in their online gambling journey, we created a list that contains the best online Poker rooms available in the USA. The list provides such data as the name of the casino, the welcome bonus, the payout rate and the rating. In the last column, players will find a review.

The review will give players a deeper look into the poker room, its features and what it can offer. It discusses all of the aspects of the poker room so players can create a more detailed picture of the poker room before making a decision. These reviews are written by professional and experienced players who have many years of experience in the online gambling and online poker industry.


OnlineCasinoBluebook aims to help online players make the best of their online gambling experience and the online casino that they choose to play at is one of the most important aspects that makes that experience a good one. This is why our website provides online gamblers with a list of top online casinos that were tested and examined personally by professional online gamblers. Not only that, as our casino review website also provides our readers with reviews that discuss all of the aspects of the listed online casinos.

These aspects, which are reviewed, include the bonuses and promotions that players can claim, including welcome bonuses and all regular promotions. They also include the quality of the software, the ease of use of the casino’s interface and the variety of the games it offers.

Last but not least, our casino reviews discuss the security and the safety of the casinos. This is essential because for a player to enjoy an online gambling experience, they will have to provide their casino of choice with personal information to register an account as well as banking information, such as credit card numbers in order to manage withdrawals and make deposits. This is why we make certain that we only list online casinos that have the best security and top rated internet encryption.


The rules of blackjack depend on the rules of each version. This is why players are advised to check the rules of the blackjack version they are playing before engaging into the game. Although there are general rules such as 21, busting, the dealing procedure and the card value, there are other rules that differ.

Card Values:

The card values are equal the face value of each card while Jacks, Queen and Kings have a ten value and Aces have two values. They can be counted as 11 or 1, depending on the blackjack hand. If it forms a total while being counted as 11, it is called soft and if it creates a total while being counted as 1, it is called hard. For example, a hand that consists of an Ace and a five is a soft sixteen and a hard six.
Splitting Rules:

Splitting is allowed in every blackjack game but some games will not allow splitting Aces and some games will only allow players to split 1 time. Players who split aces will only be allowed to hit once and get one more card. Players can split unlike ten-value cards depending on the rules of each game, some allow it and some require players to get identical ten value cards so they can split. Splitting means that players will place a new wager on the new hand, this wager is equal to the original wager that players placed on the Blackjack hand. So with four hands players will quadruple their original wager.
Double Down Rules:

Players will be permitted to double down after they get their first two cards. Some games would enable players to double down at any value and others would only allow them to double down if they get a hand total that is equal 9, 10 or 11. Players will only be able to get one more card after they double, they will have to get that card, and it is not optional.
Surrender Rules:
Some games will give players the chance to surrender their blackjack hand; it is the equivalent of folding in poker. Players can make that decision after they get dealt the initial two cards. If they surrender, they will forfeit the hand and they will lose half of their bet. Sometimes it is better to lose half than to lose the entire bet.
Insurance Rules:

Insurance is a side bet that players can place if the dealer’s card that is facing up is an Ace or a ten-value card. Players will win that bet if the hand has a blackjack. The dealer will peak and see his card once players place that wager and pay it out if it is a blackjack.If players do not place insurance and the dealer gets a blackjack, all the wagers, except insurance will be losing ones. If the player has a blackjack as well, it is considered a push. Some games will give players their bets back and some versions consider a push to be in the favor of the house.


Blackjack is a card game, one of the most popular and one of the most commonly played games in casinos, whether online or land based. The game is sometimes referred to as 21, which is related to the purpose of the game, as players will try to get a hand total that is equal 21. The game is not a competitive game between players as this game is only between players and the dealer at the blackjack table. So when it comes to it and the showdown occurs, players will not compare their blackjack hands together but each player will compare his hand to the hand of the dealer.There are many versions of the game but they all have the same concept and target, which is reaching a hand total of twenty-one. The game begins with each player being dealt 2 cards. Players will then go through a series of decisions that depend on the hand total and the cards forming the hand. These decisions include “Hitting”, “Standing”, “Splitting” and “Doubling Down”.

When players get an ace and a jack or any other ten-value card, they will instantly win and it is called blackjack. For a blackjack, players will be rewarded more than the usual winning hand (usually 3 to 2) while normal winning hands would pay even money (one to one). There is also a selection of side bets that players can place, depending on the blackjack version. The common side bet in most blackjack games is Insurance bet.clik