Biohacking has divided modern doctors into two camps. Some argue that this is a revolution in anti-aging medicine, while others are skeptical about the new trend and consider it dangerous to health. So who should you believe? We will tell you how an innovative treatment direction works and whether it can really harm the body. More info on site

What is biohacking?
Biohacking is a new term and is not familiar to most people. It means a systematic approach to human biology, the purpose of which is to concentrate on all aspects of life. It is a medical and wellness practice that seeks to improve quality of life and slow the aging process by optimizing nutrition, sleep, and avoiding bad habits and exercise. Put simply, anti-aging medicine.

How does biohacking work?
The main thing in biohacking is a systematic approach, drawing up a lifestyle program, physical activity strictly for yourself. The practice is based on diagnostics: laboratory, functional and others. The approach consists of two main stages:

First: consultation, diagnostics and drawing up an individual program.
Second: re-diagnosis, consultation and treatment correction.
First of all, biohacking includes nutritional correction and diet selection. Next - monitoring physical activity and scheduling classes. As well as normalization of sleep, regulation and activation of thinking, correction of the emotional response to stressful conditions.