'GTA 5 Online' update, release date rumors: latest DLC's release pushed back to September 2016

In spite of the disappointment brought about by the admission of Rockstar Games that the highly anticipated game "Grand Theft Auto 6" has yet to reach the development stage, at least the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series' parent publisher, Take-Two Interactive, has assured fans that there will be consistent updates for the current title, "GTA 5 Online."

But unfortunately, the original release date for the new downloadable content (DLC) called "Biker" will be pushed back from this month to next month. This claim was made by a self-proclaimed Rockstar Games insider named Yan2295, who relayed that the cause of the delay is a bunch of technical issues. However, there is no additional information as to what sort of technical issues are involved.

Yan2295 @Yan2295
The Biker update was scheduled for August, as I mentionned earlier. But they're having issues with it, so it's not coming out before a while
11:08 PM - 18 Aug 2016
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Aside from Yan2295, another leakster with the name MrBossFTW opined that it actually makes a lot of sense if the Biker DLC will be released in next month and that gamers should expect it to arrive first on Sept. 6; if not, it could be on Sept. 13 or 20.

To recall, the last online update released for "GTA 5" was the Cunning Stunts DLC, but fans have been craving for the upcoming Biker DLC to be finally unveiled for the obvious reason that a biker-themed update could potentially give the game a fresh feel. According to Express UK, there will be a brand-new wave of Adversary modes, modding options and lots of new vehicles.

Aside from the upcoming Biker DLC, fans of the "GTA" video game franchise can also expect a Halloween DLC that's perceptibly going to be released sometime in late October or early November. If this turns out to be true, it means there will be at least two more DLC's expected for "GTA V Online" right before the year ends. Who knows, there could even be a last one by December.