Nevada Poker Rooms Collect $9.7 Million In March

Revenue from poker rooms in Nevada was $9.69 million in March, according to a gaming revenue report released by Silver State regulators this week.
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In March, Nevada had 70 poker rooms and 666 poker tables, the report said. That’s a significant drop from the 736 tables in March of last year, when poker revenue was $10.37 million. March 2013 had poker revenue of $10.32 million and 738 tables.

Statewide poker revenue in March has fallen or remained flat every year since 2007.

March is typically one of the better months for poker in Nevada. Revenues, as well as the number of tables, pick up drastically in the summer months, though. That is attributed to the annual World Series of Poker that attracts poker players from all over the world.

Poker revenue in January and February of this year was $9.78 million and $8.53 million, respectively. Both were single-digit declines year-over-year.

Nevada’s poker market is still contracting after reaching its peak in 2007.

Since 2007, there has only been one year in which Nevada poker revenue increased. In 2013, statewide poker revenue inched up 0.56 percent to $123.89 million compared to 2012’s $123.25 million. Poker revenue in 2014 fell back down to $119.4 million.

Nevada has had online poker in the mix since mid-2013.

This year’s performance will depend on revenue during the upcoming summer months.