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SP Stanislav Shevotsukov Pshimafovich
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SP Shevotsukov Stanislav Pshimafovich

Small business
Registered on 1 January 2005
Registration was invalidated on 1 January 2005

Partners & Competitors — Verification, Supervision and Notifications

Seldon.Basis collects and analyzes all company and entrepreneur information from official sources.
You can use the Seldon.Basis software for a comprehensive analysis of your contractors, such as how financially, contractually, or legally reliable they are.


The Seldon.Basis software helps you find potential suppliers and contractors in order to carry vetting and financial analysis.
Using Seldon.Basis helps to mitigate tax risks.

It also helps you complete a wide range of tasks, such as looking-up government contracts, verifying contractors, or viewing the financial situation of suppliers.

Seldon.Basis helps mitigate tax risks and detects affiliated companies.
The ability to check a contractor's creditworthiness and financial situation
Marketing Consultants and Sales Managers

An indispensable tool for finding potential clients, analysing their financial situation, and segmentating markets.
It even lists those involved in any business decision making – from company executives to founders.

Seldon.Basis enables you to check the details of certain companies.
Here, you can verify information regarding individuals entitled to act without power of attorney.
Seldon.Basis identifies interconnected companies and detects unpaid debts.
Security Services

Our software is great for business intelligence and contractor vetting.
It spots short-lived companies and their affiliates.