Smart Home Mailbox

What is GATE?

GATE is an IoT (Internet of Things) smart mailbox for the 21st century home.

Smart mailboxes distributed network learns local mail delivery patterns.
Runs on solar panel and built using green materials.
Instant alerts when your mail arrives.
Predictive system gives you ETA every single day.
Alerts your phone via text, email or Twitter.
Up to 500 feet line of sight range
Up to 2000 feet line of sight range with GATE+
GATE uses a local network to know exactly when the mail is going to be delivered each day, and notifies you from your phone, your social media, or even when you walk by the base station in your home.

GATE is made up of two main parts—the mailbox alert system Unit and the Home unit.

Two optional units, a solar box and an antenna that both mount on your mailbox, extend the battery life and range of your Mailbox sensor.

As more people participate in the network, it gets stronger and more effective. It can even analyze mailbox data from around the neighborhood and share alerts about potential mail theft. It all happens automatically, so that you can get your mail without having to worry.

Smart, right? Now let’s get into more detail.

The home unit controls the mailbox unit
The home unit works with either the mailbox unit and GATE app for your phone
The home unit connects to your home internet network via a Wi-Fi module to send commands to secure IoT server. This server sends notifications to your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
The home unit can be configured to use Z-Wave home automation networks as well.
If your home doesn't have dedicated WiFi, or if your network goes down, you Mailbox Sensor will still be fully functional. The system will still deliver visual and audio alerts.
Has motions sensor built in, that will make smart alerts when it detects human motion.
Choose from 3 colors:

1. Bone White band and blue LEDs available exclusively on Kickstarter

2. Obsidian Black band and red LEDs available exclusively on Kickstarter

3. Regular color: aluminum band and blue LEDs